Zion Nation Park Wedding

Zion is one of our favorite parks. Zion combines the majesty of high canyon walls, mountain peaks  and the life sustaining water needed to survive in this high desert environment. The Virgin River is an aquatic dream which cuts through the heart of Zion only to emerge as a bountiful waterway providing plenty of opportunity to get your feet wet.

We would love to hike with you to one of the remote locations or we can help you plan a larger wedding including all your family and friends. Let us help you make your dreams come true.

The Zion Lodge is the only lodging within the park but the town of Springdale, Utah is just outside the park. There are a plethora of lodging options including B&B’s, cabins, chain hotels, motels, dude ranches and luxury spa resorts.

Wedding Sites in Zion National Park
All outdoor weddings require the NPS Special Use Permit ($100, non-refundable) and are limited to these designated sites. This fee covers ONLY two hours of site use, an additional fee of $50.00 per additional hour of use will be assessed in addition to the $100.00 permit fee. Large groups may also be assessed an additional $50.00 per hour for a monitoring agent from National Park Service to over see the event. The permit does not grant exclusive use of the area and public access cannot be restricted. Wedding parties must abide by all park regulations. Parking may be limited.


This is the ideal setting for an intimate wedding where stepping back in time, slowing things down and communing with nature would make your sacred day not just a moment in time but a place in your heart.

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