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Located deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon where Hualapai & Havasu Canyons meet, we find Havasu Creek. The creek is fed by an enormous underground limestone aquifer which percolates to the surface just a few miles upstream from the ancient village of Supai. As the sacred waters descends the canyon they quickly become a magnificent, cascading river of blue-green. Colored by the limestone which is gently carried in its flow, the fine sediments are slowly deposited  on everything they come in contact with.  The layering of the travertine creates striking natural pools and dams.  Havasu Creek is a natural wonder and one of only three travertine rivers in the entire southwest.

Your hosts, the Havasu ‘Baaja and their ancestors have  enjoyed living quietly in the village of Supai deep within the Grand Canyon for over 700  years. The creek’s limitless supply of fresh water and the peoples resourcefulness coupled with their utmost respect for the living earth has allowed this agrarian culture to flourish undetected by “explorers” for centuries.  Their isolation in the canyon has for hundreds of years provided a refuge not only for their own people but for many other indigenous people in the area. 

Isolated does not even begin to cover the location of the tiny village of Supai. There are three ways to reach the village and falls, by Hiking or by Helicopter, take your pick and feel free to mix and match. Lodging is available in the village at the Havasupai Lodge or in the campground. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

Havasu Falls is the ultimate extreme wedding for the really adventurous who love hiking and are free spirited enough to roll with any changes or problems should they arise, and they do.

The trail from Hilltop to Supai is 8 miles and continues another 2 miles to the falls & campground. A mile from the village, at Navajo Falls, the creek spreads out 100 feet over a lush rambling 50 foot fall.  Two miles from the village, Havasu Falls, know by white explores as “Bridal Veil Falls” cuts a majestic 100 foot waterfall into a tidal pool of blue green water. Mooney Falls another half mile down the canyon is a breathtaking 197 foot drop along the majestic canyon wall.  Getting to the bottom of Mooney Falls requires a difficult descent down the side of the wall. The campground is located between Havasu & Mooney Falls.

The United States Post Office in Supai is the only location in the continental United States where the US Mail is still packed by mule train to and from an official USPS office.  Make sure to pick up a few postcards while in town to send to friends & loved ones alike and don’t forget to mail one to yourself. The mule train post mark is a wonderful keepsake to have waiting for you when you get home. 

The annual Peach Festival harvest celebration in August is a tradition visitors to the village have had the pleasure of being a part of for many years. Please note, horses are hard to come by during the festival since most riders and horses will be busy participating in the rodeo. Time is measured differently in the canyon, come prepared to leave your watch and the world as you know it behind.
Do not forget your camera on this trip!

We are blessed to have friends like Tim Munchweiler a cinematographer who has been working with the late Rex Tilousi, the Keeper of the Traditional Songs & Stories of the Havasupai People. Their amazing efforts to preserve the Havasupai language, customs and stories have resulted in a video documentary, “Havasu ‘Baaja, People of the Blue Green Water”. Please help us to support their continued efforts by purchasing a DVD through the nonprofit organization Grand Canyon Association

Hiking is required, services are limited and weather conditions can change the best laid plans, however Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events has been there and done that!  This is the ultimate extreme Grand Canyon wedding, the ceremony none of you will ever forget.  Start your married lives together on your first official extreme adventure of your lifetime together!

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