Bryce Canyon - Wedding Sites

All outdoor weddings require the NPS Special Use Permit ($100, non-refundable) and are limited to these designated sites. The permit does not grant exclusive use of the area and public access cannot be restricted. Wedding parties must abide by all park regulations. Parking may be limited.


Sunset Point
About 7 miles into the park, this is the only location in the park that allows wedding ceremonies to take place. There are two locations, Silent City and the Main Amphitheater. Maximum capacity for both sites is 30 guests. Permits need to be secured at least 2 weeks prior to wedding date.

Wedding Receptions
Receptions can take place in the public picnic areas at Sunset Point Picnic Site. Wedding parties must provide all food and beverages and clean up the site after the event. Maximum number in wedding group is 30 guests.

Indoor Weddings & Ceremonies, Bryce Canyon
There are several hotels in the area that have facilities for wedding receptions. Please see our lodging page for links to area hotels.

The sky is the limit, Monumental Arizona Weddings & Events is here to help you plan it all.

Bryce Canyon Sunset Point
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